Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting There.

7 o'clock a.m.
Andy and I meet up by my car to start our 11 hour long ride to Mesa, Arizona.
We wait 30 minutes for the man to come take the boot off my car. I give the man 50 dollars.

We drive.

"Cove Fort: historical site for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints",
of course we stop.
We tell the missionary we only have a few minutes so he skips the 12 minute video and only gives us the hour long tour ( which i loved :)).

We stop in Nevada to get gas. I lock my keys in my car and we end up hanging out in a town, that I now will never return to, for over 2 hours. We called 3 different companies and individuals before we could find someone that comes to help us out. I give Jim, the man of the hour, 60 dollars.

We drive some more.

Eventually, after a few more hours and events, we pull into a church parking lot across from Quinn's house. We drive around the University he works at for a few minutes and then get to bed around 2 a.m.

We get up at 6 to be at work by 8.

That's my whole reason for going to Arizona: "work".
I have one purpose in life and that involves the spreading of truth. Whole, simple truth. My current objective is to discover an individuals perception and how truth might be perceived by them. I want to be mold able so that I can help provide what is necessary for that truth to be recognized and then, depending on the will of the individual, grasped and applied.

ANASAZI foundation appeared to provide circumstances that would allow me to get to know and hopefully understand individuals who have done questionable things and therefore may have had questionable backgrounds and currently have differing views and/or perceptions than the rest of the "civilized" society.

What I have discovered at ANASAZI so far has been far beyond what my original hopes have been. It fits in more with my dreams and desires than I'd even known. It has completed my dream of possibility as of right now.

Truth abounds in the organization and in the philosophy and I felt it within the very first few minutes that I was inside the office.

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