Sunday, February 27, 2011

"...We believe all things..."

It's been about a month and a half since I've written.


About one million things have happened which have resulted into millions of life lessons.

In my first week I almost fell off a cliff; I did fall and smash both of my shins, at separate times, on gigantic rocks; I sliced my finger open and the blood almost caused me to pass out; I felt the spirit speak through me and I learned that it always will if I invite it. I also learned that my ways are not His ways; I learned that I have been called to serve EVERYone not just certain individuals, and I learned that nature takes care of itself. Everything flourishes in the desert because it's all working together; in Man's world we tend to try and control things which brings it all crashing down.

My second week I howled at the moon in the middle of the night; I played a game of worm wars that made me almost pee my pants; I stayed up till at least 1, sometimes 3, every night; I hiked over various mountains; I camped beside a frozen waterfall, hiked through the darkness, and was again able to feel the spirit speak through me. I learned that my strength is not my own; I learned that it's the same Rock, just seen from a different angle; I learned that God is far more involved than I'd ever imagined; I learned that every culture, society, and individual has a different perspective and that their light is the same as mine, leading us to the same Christ who will teach us all things. If man follows the light he is given, he will recognize that Source from which all light comes.

My third week I camped through two days of rain, sleet, and snow; I climbed, by myself, to the top of a mountain and saw miles and miles of this gorgeous world and was humbled by my own ignorance; I didn't get lost once; we were blessed one thousand times to get us to where we needed to be; I learned to trust those who have been called; I learned about how awesome Jacob (from 2 Nephi) is; I decided what I want to do with my life; I've learned how simple things really are (are at least I've started to recognize it); I've learned that we "Believe all things", and I'm learning how to put all truth into one great whole.

Life is good in the AZ.

I'm excited to keep living.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! I love your experiences! Brittany, you are amazing!! I am so proud of you !

  2. awesome!!!! we keep playing phone tag, if we keep it up maybe we'll actually get to speak to each other one of these days! oh, and ALMOST peed your pants? yeah, right!! miss you, love you!!!