Friday, July 8, 2011

This past week might have been the best week of my entire life.

Fun. Love. Laughter. Progress.

The week prior, this particular group of boys had a very difficult time.
Hard hike, hard staff, hard individual trials, etc., etc.

"I think last week was the hardest week of probably my entire life."- Young Walker

We decided that FUN was the only solution.

Lots of good quotes came from what became, the week of nonstop laughter.
Here are a few with some background information...

One young walker during fire circle had his little bag of tang out and was dipping the wooden spoon into it, then back into his mouth (the young walkers like to do this till their tongues bleed). It was dark outside and all of a sudden we see him lean forward and start spitting something out of his mouth. Turns out he missed his bag of tang and got a spoon full of sand. This quote followed shortly thereafter:

"The only reason Jesus turned water into wine is because He didn't have sand to turn into tang."

This is just a good reminder of what necessities really are:
"I'd do anything for a trashcan fire right now."

A young walker requested a Book of Mormon from his shadow (therapist). His parents are not LDS and really didn't think he would receive one. He decided if they didn't give him one he would ask for the Satanic bible.
"Well" he said, concluding the conversation, "I'll either be storing food in the basement or making crop circles in the backyard."

All around a good week :)

Not only was it hilarious, but a very effective week out on the trail.
Every single boy in the band made outstanding progress.
Challenges were accepted and acted upon, personal concerns were brought up and discussed, acceptance of and a desire to lift one another in the band became a priority,
and the purpose of ANASAZI (to turn hearts homeward and eyes upward) remained the focus.

I love what I do.

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