Monday, April 18, 2011

This week was really funny.

I'm not even going to tell the drama that went down because I don't trust the internet.

I did learn a few things though, unrelated to the drama.

I learned about the Rock that can be seen from different angles.
While that is true, a rock can be seen from different angles and still be correct, there is one way to see the rock that is the most and complete correct.
Repentence allows us to, through a changed perspective and view of oneself, God, or life, see something more closely to how it truely is.
God's perspective is that. He sees everything exactly how it really is.
As we repent we come closer and closer to seeing that Rock exactly how it is rather than our own interpretation of how it is.
We see it more closely to how the Lord sees it.

So, there is One Truth. Just one. We are all seeking it.

That's what I'd believed in the first place.
I love this.

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